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World of Warcraft raiding: an example

September 17th, 2009

Currently I’m not playing an MMO, but in the past I’ve played lot’s. The last one was WOW (World of Warcraft). I was a member of a Guild called Phoenix Rising and we were a raiding guild. Before I continue I’ll explain some basics about MMO games and raiding.

MMO(RPG): a massively multi-player online roll playing game, which basically means that you play in a persistent world with thousands of others at the same time. The mail goal in this game is to advance your character to the maximum level. At that stage you enter the realm of raiding.

RAIDING: engaging and defeating complex (monster) encounters with a group of 10 / 25 people. These encounters are mix of different mechanics you have to master with the group before you can defeat the monster. Every class is needed in this encounter.

CLASS: a player type. You have tanks (mitigating damage from monsters), healers (healing damage from other friendly players, ranged (doing damage to the monster from a distance), melee (doing damage from close range). These are the basic groups, but all have different sub classes in them. For example you have different kinds of healers and you have different types of ranged.

DUNGEON: this is the place where the bad guys live and were you will face them.

AGGRO: this is a mechanic that indicates the hate level a monster has towards you. If you at the top of his list, he will come to you and do his main attacks on you. Tanks must stay top on the list at all time since they are build to receive lots of damage. Ranged need to avoid being top, otherwise they will be killed in one shot. This means that players can’t just nuke all on the monster.

Ok, this were the basic terms. No let’s see how a typical encounter progresses. In this case I’m using the encounter in Ulduar (Dungeon) called X2 Deconstructor (name of the bad guy).

This guy has a few abilities that everyone needs to know and needs to know how they will handle them in the fight. He uses these abilities often in the fight.

Light bomb: a player is targeted and receives damage over time and all players in range of 10 yards of him will receive damage as well. This means that I you get this you will have to run out of the group, out of range from other players. Also you will need to be healed by a healer, otherwise you can die.

Gravity bomb: this time a player will get a field around him. This field will  pull nearby players towards him. After 9 seconds the player will explode doing damage to all players within range. Here the player needs to move out of the group to and also has to receive heals.

Tantrum: everybody In the group will receive damage. This means that the healers need to heal a lot of players. If this tantrum is mixed with another damage type, it becomes critical.

Exposed heart: this is a good thing. The bad guy stops fighting and his heart comes out making him vulnerable for damage. So everybody needs to do as much damage as possible when this happens.

Scrap bots: this last ability summons creatures from all 4 corners of the room. These bots will run towards the main bad guy. If the reach him he will get healed (which means you it will take longer to get him down as he will have new life). So it’s very important that these bots don’t reach him. Players with abilities to root or slow are needed for this. This will slow down the process of bots getting to the bad guy and leaves more time to kill these bots.

The fight start with the tank (the guy who will receive all the damage from the bad guy) walking to the main monster. Deconstrucotr will stay on him during the fight (unless some other player makes him mad by doing to much damage, thus pulling aggro).

My role in the fight is a Mage. A mage in this fight must do 2 things do damage to the main badguy and kill the bots (and slow them down). This is actually great fun!

Now imagine that all these abilities will happen in the fight, very often they will overlap, making it even harder to survive. It’s very important that not many player die, because if that happens basically this means that you can’t do enough damage to the main bad guy and you can’t kill him before the timer. That’s the last bit. The fight has a timer. If you don’t kill the guy in (I think it’s) 10 minutes, then he’ll become enraged and kill everybody in a few seconds.

So the pressure is on for everybody to be on their tops. Avoiding damage from the bad guys, avoiding damage from other players, running away when the have on of the bombs, killing the bots in time, healing other so they will survive, avoid pulling aggro, etc, etc.

Here’s a clip of an actual fight with Deconstrutor. You’ll see the things I mentioned in above. Purple clouds around players are Gravity bombs, Light bombs are with. You’ll see the bots approaching and being stopped. Finally the boss is killed :-)

To tackle a fight like this you need to practice a lot. Since 25 people have to know what the are doing. Also they need to do it well. So all in all it takes a lot of attempts to down a boss. But when you get him down, the reward is big. You’ll get nice loot (items for you to wear and improve your character).

I hope this example makes a bit more scene for people how do not play these kinds of games.
Have fun watching this video! :-)

TIP: view this clip on Youtube to see it in HD :-) Here’s the link.

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Twlight Vanquiser Sennia

April 7th, 2009


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MMORPG’s & Sennia – Part II

December 4th, 2008

When first playing World of Warcraft game I thought it was more of the same, but after spending some more time I really got hooked on it. The game is perfectly balanced and very good to play. It has a lot of nice mechanics that make you want to play the game more and more (kind of addictive :-)). Guess that’s why the game has over 11 million players right now, lol.
The goal here was to lvl up to the max level too, but the real fun for me started when I reached that level (70). Then a new world opens up for you named : Raiding.
Raiding is going in to dungeons whit a group of people defeating difficult bosses. You need 25 other players to do this. Players have to be from all the different classes, you need healers for healing, warriors to take damage and ranged classes (mages) to do damage (DPS) from a distance. Every type of player has its advantages, so all are needed in their own way. Defeating a boss is not just a manner of clicking a button. It goes far beyond that. Every boss has it’s own mechanic. For example, you need to kill some bosses whiten a specific time frame. That’s quite easy, but it becomes hard when you have multiple mechanics combined. Then you really have to know what you are doing. So typically a raid has a Raid leader. The person who tells everybody what to do during a raid. This is done via Teamspeak a group voice conference client. You are in a giant voice chat box with 24 other people. Quite fun! Often these people are all from different places, but the language you speak is English.

Each time you defeat a boss it drops loot (items you can wear to make your character more powerful). But a boss only drops a few items, so it has to be divided between the 25 people. Making it even more exiting when you get an item.
The further you come the more difficult bosses get (and the better the loot). And defeating a boss can take many many hours of tries before you defeat it. So when you defeat it, it’s a really exiting feeling. Even more because you did it whit a group of people who all did their best to defeat the boss too.

(here is a video of a fight with a very difficult boss. We kill him and listen to the response of the group. That’s many hours paying of in one single moment of shouts!).

It does not only take a group to do these raids, you need a group that knows each other. That played together often. This is why there are Guilds. Guilds are communities of people that group together to play. Not only when they are online (in the game) but outside the game as well. The group stays together (sometimes for many years). Guilds have their own websites and forums where they can communicate outside of the game. They have rosters in which they plan upcoming raids.

I am part of a guild as well. It’s called
Death Knights of Azeroth. It’s a group of 75 people, mostly from the UK, Scotland and Scandinavia. Really great people. That’s another cool thing about raiding, meeting new people and getting to know them.

Often people say that games like this are for kids. But that’s far from true. For example 80% of my guild is over 30 years of age. Some are even in their 40’s. So this makes you think of games a bit different. It’s just another way of spending your time I think. There is nothing childish about it.
So raiding is quite fun :-) A few weeks ago the new expansion pack for the game came out (WOTLK). That means leveling up again (to lvl 80). When I get to level 80 I can raid again (since raiding dungeons require lvl 80). So I’m looking forward to that. But it will take some time…

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MMORPG’s & Sennia – Part I

December 3rd, 2008

One of my hobby’s is playing MMORPG’s (Massively multiplayer online role playing games, you basicly play a game with thousands of others at the same time in the same world).

I used to play normal games a lot, but since I play MMORPG’s that has changed dramatically. I almost never play other games then the MMORPG im playing at that time.

It started in 2003 (I think) with the MMORPG EVE online, great game, and still active! It was a Sci-Fi type game. You character was a ship and you flew across the universe doing all kinds of missions, etc. I got bored quite fast with it. So I switched to a new one; Star Wars Galaxies. An MMO based on the Star Wars universe (which I’m a big fan of btw).

Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) was great. You had a normal avatar (human form) and your goal was to gain experience point and level your character up to the max level. I went by the name of Sennia (the name I use for all my avatars in these games). You had the choice to be what you like. You could be a fighter, medic, crafter or an entertainer (and much more). This was a lot of fun. Traveling around the galaxy, landing on different planets and doing mission solo, or in groups! You could have your own house or even your own city. I had that once, I was a mayor of the city called “New Amsterdam” on Corrilia. Together with my brother (Lasvillan) and friend (Xaraz) we governed the city and had over a 100 people in it at one time. All these people had houses placed in the vicinity of our city, it was great! People from all over the world, it was a true multicultural city.
I played this game until November 2005, that was the day Sony (the developer of this game) decided to change the game dramatically. The changes where so big that most of the people dropped the game and went somewhere else. This was the case for me too. At that time I was playing another MMO Everquest 2, I went and left SWG and continued playing EQ2.

EQ2 was the same type of game only in a fantasy setting, whit trolls, gnomes, dwarfs, orcs, etc. It was a very good game. Played it for quite a while, but in the end got bored with it. The main reason was that it took just too much time to get to the next level. Which in the end it’s all about.

After that I tryed a few other games, like Vanguard. But these games didn’t bring something new. Only the graphics got better. During that time another game was available called World of Warcraft. I heard of it before, but was not interested because the graphics where not the quality I was used to. But in the end I decided (and my other friends too) to play the game.

End of part I….

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