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Sony Online Entertainment: Death wish 2

September 16th, 2009

Today I got an e-mail from SOE (Sony Online Entertainment), makers of Everquest and Star Wars Galaxies MMO. It was an e-mail concerning my account for Star Wars Galaxies. Here’s a part of the e-mail:

Due to the overwhelming success of the recent Free Character Transfer Service, we want to inform you that on October 15, 2009, at 5:00 PM PT, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) will close the following 12 Star Wars Galaxies servers:
• Corbantis
• Europe-Infinity
• Intrepid
• Kauri
• Kettemoor
• Lowca
• Naritus
• Scylla
• Tarquinas
• Tempest
• Valcyn
• Wanderhome

It’s ridiculous. SOE is again making a fool of themselves here. How blind can you be. How naïve can you be. How arrogant can you be to think that the players don’t know what’s happening here. The game is just empty, people are leaving and servers are getting underpopulated. That’s why servers are merging. But to market it as a success is really arrogant I think.
Also if you don’t do this transfer thing (which btw is a very tricky process, where you probably have to have an active account, etc) your account will be deleted. So if you don’t spend money to safe your char, then you will lose it. Are they creating another death wish again, NGE anybody!?!!??!

(NGE were dramatic changes to the existing game, which in turn had the effect that lots and lots of players went to other places (games).

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MMORPG’s & Sennia – Part I

December 3rd, 2008

One of my hobby’s is playing MMORPG’s (Massively multiplayer online role playing games, you basicly play a game with thousands of others at the same time in the same world).

I used to play normal games a lot, but since I play MMORPG’s that has changed dramatically. I almost never play other games then the MMORPG im playing at that time.

It started in 2003 (I think) with the MMORPG EVE online, great game, and still active! It was a Sci-Fi type game. You character was a ship and you flew across the universe doing all kinds of missions, etc. I got bored quite fast with it. So I switched to a new one; Star Wars Galaxies. An MMO based on the Star Wars universe (which I’m a big fan of btw).

Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) was great. You had a normal avatar (human form) and your goal was to gain experience point and level your character up to the max level. I went by the name of Sennia (the name I use for all my avatars in these games). You had the choice to be what you like. You could be a fighter, medic, crafter or an entertainer (and much more). This was a lot of fun. Traveling around the galaxy, landing on different planets and doing mission solo, or in groups! You could have your own house or even your own city. I had that once, I was a mayor of the city called “New Amsterdam” on Corrilia. Together with my brother (Lasvillan) and friend (Xaraz) we governed the city and had over a 100 people in it at one time. All these people had houses placed in the vicinity of our city, it was great! People from all over the world, it was a true multicultural city.
I played this game until November 2005, that was the day Sony (the developer of this game) decided to change the game dramatically. The changes where so big that most of the people dropped the game and went somewhere else. This was the case for me too. At that time I was playing another MMO Everquest 2, I went and left SWG and continued playing EQ2.

EQ2 was the same type of game only in a fantasy setting, whit trolls, gnomes, dwarfs, orcs, etc. It was a very good game. Played it for quite a while, but in the end got bored with it. The main reason was that it took just too much time to get to the next level. Which in the end it’s all about.

After that I tryed a few other games, like Vanguard. But these games didn’t bring something new. Only the graphics got better. During that time another game was available called World of Warcraft. I heard of it before, but was not interested because the graphics where not the quality I was used to. But in the end I decided (and my other friends too) to play the game.

End of part I….

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