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Music: Claude François – Disco Français!

September 21st, 2009

Now this was a magnificent artist. Claude François was one of the hottest stars in France during the 60’s & 70’s. His french disco songs were and are still very popular and well know in France. His wonderful disco beats and beautiful ballads instantly transport you back to those decades. He was also know for his fantastic shows with wonderful dancers in sexy outfits :-) I have searched some videos on Youtube where you can see him in action along with is dancers (see below). All beautiful ladies on very very high heels!

Unfortunately he died in 1978. He was electrocuted when trying to fix a lamp spot while standing in his (filled) bath…

A nice fact about him is that he’s song Comme d’habitude was the original My Way, a song later covered by Frank Sinatra and others.

My favorite songs are:
Magnolias for ever
Alexandrie Alexandra
Je vais à Rio

These songs bring me in a good mood no matter what 😉

All these songs and more are on his (in my opinion) best album
Souvenir 1978. It’s a live concert. It’s one super ride of continues music disco galore from the 70’s! Here’s the cover of that album, go get it! Click the link to Amazon, you can listen to the songs there :-)

I grew up with this album. We still play this album today, especially on nice summer evenings this fits in very well. The best place to listen to this music is in France off course. So book a trip to the South of France, buy this CD and get carried away….!!!

Here are my favorite songs tracked back on You tube. Enjoy!

Magnolias for ever (check out the dancers!!)

Alexandrie Alexandra (here’s a link to better quality sound)

Je vais à Rio

Comme d’habitude

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