Where the eye meets the lens

September 15th, 2009

One of the things I like to do is taking pictures with my SLR camera. The topics are quite random. I like to take pictures of all kinds of things.  Be it scenery or objects, but the most interesting things for me to photograph are people. People are dynamic and a single object can have so many varsities and looks. I have a preference for the female. I just think there’s nothing more interesting then to take a picture of a beautiful woman. The curves, the eyes, the looks, the moods and the smiles. It’s all interesting to shoot.

I don’t have a lot experience jet with photographing women, but I intent to change this in the future. I want to focus more on the portrait photography. I need to get some extra gear for that though.

For now I can show you only pictures of others that I find very interesting and beautiful.
So here’s the first one.

A wonderful picture. Up close and intimate. Looking at here you feel that you are apart of some sort of secret she has to hide. She’s checking you out to see I she want’s to tell you. The eyes are amazing and the tone is tranquil.

If you want to see som of my pictures, see my photoblog :-) http://pix.wermenbol.nl/

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Simple game, but lots of fun

September 14th, 2009

Here’s a game I played during the many lunch breaks at my previous work. It’s called Off the Wall (Sente). It’s a game from 1984! We played it in multi-player mode on a Mame emulator. As you can see in the clip the game is real easy by it’s setup. It’s basically a very simple tennis game in 2D. But why is this so much fun?? Well, because it’s so easy to play, but it still needs some skill too. You can do all kinds of sneaky shots that would make it very hard for the other player to hit back. During a rally the net will grow, so it becomes harder to get the ball over the net. The person who got to 11 points first was the winner. The best moment was when the score was 10-10 :-)

There we’re 3 of us who played this. We did small tournaments and stuff like that. It was great fun.
Here’s a clip I found on Youtube.

(as i wrote this I’m thinking: this topic is probably only fun to read for the 2 other people I’ve played this with lol)

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India Arie and Raul Midon – a special moment

September 12th, 2009

I think it was the year 2007 that I went to the North Sea Jazz festival in Rotterdam. I try to go every year.
I was with a group of friends and the main event for me would be the Steely Dan performance. They are my favorite band and I had never seen them play live (since the don’t do that a lot). The performance was amazing, loved it. All my favorite songs, just great. But….. it wasn’t my favorite moment on that years NSJ festival. That moment was unexpectedly reserved for India Arie and Raul Midon.

India Arie is a great singer, love her music. Raul Midon I didn’t know at that time. Earlier on the festival I saw him play. He’s blind, and often blind people a great musicians 😉 Think of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles! But Raul had some great other features then good singing. He is a master at mimicking instruments. His best one is the trumpet. Now you think OK, a trumpet, we all can do that, right!! WRONG! Not like him, believe me. When you close you eyes you just can’t hear the difference. It’s insane.

Now, here comes the special part. Another show was by India Arie that night. Also fantastic. But the magic came when Raul Midon came on as a guest performer for India.

What happened then I will never forget. A true moment of pure music by great musicians respecting each others work and skills and seeing that in live action. India was singing a great song called “Come back to the middle” during the song Raul was singing along as backing, but at the end he started to use the trumpet thing. Just fantastic. But what grabbed me most was the reaction of India. She was in ecstasy that Midon was performing with here and doing his thing, she just could not believe it. She was jumping with joy as she saw Raul. Signaling to here band members who were also amazed and in ecstasy. It was just so beautiful to see that these great people saw and felt the greatness in each other.

Bellow is a clip of that exact moment. The one thing you can’t see is the band who is also going wild. So you have to take that part form me 😉

I hope I’ve got you in the mood for this clip, so you can live it as I did.

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Most important picture ever taken

September 11th, 2009

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries about space. I love to watch this kind of video. It’s so amazing what lies in the far reaches of our universe. A topic I want to bring to attention was the size of the universe itself.

In 2004 scientists used the Hubble space telescope to take a long duration picture of a tiny part of the universe. The camera was focused on a fixed spot and open for light for multiple days. The result is stunning. Thousands of galaxies in a single picture! Just from on tiny patch of sky.

There are billions of galaxies in the universe each holding billions of stars (just like our sun). It is said that there are as many stars in the universe as there are grains of sand on all the beaches of the earth.

It would be a real coincidence if our SUN was the only star with a planet with advance life on it, won’t it 😉
But that’s another topic.

Here’s a video (in HD) of the Hubble photo shot of the thousands of galaxies. Enjoy!

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Let’s get physical

August 31st, 2009

Great song, great woman. I think one of the 80’s greatest beauties. I was in love with her, although I was 7 at the time :-) Guess I just love blond girls.

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Wet hands

August 10th, 2009

Recently I got this video forwarded. It’s a guy that ‘was’ one of the fastest climbers in the world.
Apart from the fact that this is a great clip, something else was also very cool and unexpected about this video. The fact that it made my hand palms sweat. It does that every time I watch the video.

Later I heard that this is normal when watching videos like this.

Let me know what happens when you watch it!

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10 English miles, yes baby!

July 29th, 2009

As sport I do running. Currently I’m training for the Dam to Dam walk. It’s the biggest running event in Holland. It’s 10 English miles (16,1 KM). You walk from the Dam in Amsterdam to the Dam in Zaandam (Dam to Dam).

Today I got up early and wasn’t planning to do a long running session. Just wanted to see how it went. It felt good so i Thought what the heck I’m going for the 10 Englise Miles right now!. And I did WHOOT!! First time I walked this distance. And yes I’m kinda proud of myself :-)

(but my legs hurt…..)

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Music: Him – Rupert Holmes

July 24th, 2009

This is one of the old singles again. HIM, by Rupert Holmes (1980). Great song.
Love the clip, haha, the guys look like old school accountants, but sing fantastic!

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Music: Billie Jean 1983 Motown 25 Live

July 23rd, 2009

OK here’s one that fits nicely in the current time 😉

An unforgettable song and clip! It’s Micheal’s Billie Jean performed at the 25th anniversary of the Motown label.
Imagine; every big Motown star is there, he just blows them all away with his performance.

And then off course…. the MOONWALK,… the first time he did it was in this performance,… fantastic! (3:38)
Don’t forget it’s 1983, just look at him move, his style is seen today in many dances…

R.I.P. Michael

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Music: Cashmere – Love’s What I Want

July 22nd, 2009

I’m adding a new category to my blog: Music. I’m gonna share my musical favorites with you :-)

I’m starting of with a great example and an oldie. It’s a single I’ve grown up with (one of the many singles as a matter of fact). It’s one of my mothers favorites too. It’s from 1979 and it was produced in the Netherlands.

Enjoy: Cashmere – Love’s What I Want

EDIT: I’ve placed another version of the song, now including CLIP! Thanks to Loek!

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