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Baking bread

December 28th, 2008

For Christmas eve dinner I had prepaid a soup with accompanying bread. It was the first time I had made bread from scratch. I must say that the result turned out very well. The most important part: it tasted very good too!

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Merry X-mas everyone!

December 25th, 2008

Merry X-mas everyone!

Enjoy these days :-)


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Did I see a UFO?

December 18th, 2008

Last night when I was on my bike, I saw a red bright light high up in the sky. I stopped to take a closer look and tried to focus more. I was standing in front of a building. Then suddenly 5 similar light came from behind the building. It was just the view that the building was blocking, because the lights were very high up in the sky.

The lights were red/orange an brighter then anything other in the normal sky.

Ok, I like UFOs and the stories around it, but I’m also very skeptic when it comes to the realness of these things. I’m just not sure what I saw yesterday, it was probably something else, but it was indeed strange but both exiting to see :-)

I tried to make a video with my phone, its crappy quality, but at the end of the video you can see 3 small light dots.

So what do you think? :-)

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Birthmarks: results

December 17th, 2008

2 weeks ago I had 2 birthmarks removed. Today I had the results. Everything was ok. Just some regulare pigment spots, nothing more.

So as we say in good Dutch-English: “nothing-on-the-hand”! :-)

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Will it make up for SWG?

December 16th, 2008

Bioware has announced a new Star Wars MMO called Star Wars: The Old Republic. It teamed up with Lucas Arts to go on this new venture. This was something that I and many others expected that would happen some day.

Bioware had already proven itself to Lucas art with other SW games like Knights of the old Republic. So it was a logical move. Lucas arts left Sony because their partner ship didn’t work out. Their game Star Wars Galaxies had a great launch, but was ruined by mismanagement, resulting in so many game changes that a lot off people left the game.

The new game looks really promising. Bioware has made a smart move by making the choice for graphics style a bit like WOW. This arty, high contrast type of style has many advantages. It’s easy on the hardware, making it playable on may types of computers. The style also has the advantage that it doesn’t get out of date fast. Many realism type of graphics are outdated fast, because this technology is evolving so fast.

The other main advantage TOR will have is that it has a very powerful an wide storyline. The amount of content will be amazing. Every choice you make in the game will have result on your path ahead and thus on your questing progress. I’m looking forward to this game. Let’s hope it will make up for the SWG drama 😉

But we have to wait a while, because the game is scheduled to launch in 2010. In the meanwhile, we have the website to check out now and then.

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Warcraft III on Multi-Touch Screen

December 12th, 2008

Warcraft III on Multi-Touch Screen. Looks nice, but doesn’t look practical.
Watch the guy banging on the screen when he’s attacking :-)

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Grabout – a small & handy screen grab tool

December 11th, 2008

This is a very handy tool to take a screen grab and share it in 1 click with your friends. For example: it’s great to use it in MSN or Skype sessions when you are working on a website or on something else.

Here’s the full description:

Quickly grab and share that piece of your screen that you want your friend to see.
This application let’s you grab (capture) a piece of your screen. The image is then automatically uploaded to the GrabOutâ„¢ server by the application and it instantly returns a URL for you to quickly share the image with your friends.
Give it a try and see for your self:

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Financial crisis: too much negative talking

December 10th, 2008

Of course I am fed up with the financial crisis, but I am even more fed up about the Media bringing out negative news about it every day. This is making thinks even worse. Big topics in the papers, big headlines all for the negative news. And when something positive happens…? Then it’s hard to find that in the news.

The media is making people scared and careful, which stops them from spending money, which in turn effects everybody in the economy. It’s this effect what makes the crisis a real crisis, we are doing it to ourselves…

Come on everybody, let’s start getting positive. There is no win in being negative about it…

Just look at this thumbs up every day, and you’ll feel much better! 😉


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Lost city discovered deep in the Amazon rain forest

December 9th, 2008

This is great. Unbelievable. Scientist discovered a lost  city in Peru.

Quoted from ´Mail Online´

A lost city discovered deep in the Amazon rain forest could unlock the secrets of a legendary tribe. Little is known about the Cloud People of Peru, an ancient, white-skinned civilisation wiped out by disease and war in the 16th century. But now archaeologists have uncovered a fortified citadel in a remote mountainous area of Peru known for its isolated natural beauty

It is thought this settlement may finally help historians unlock the secrets of the ‘white warriors of the clouds’. The tribe had white skin and blonde hair – features which intrigue historians, as there is no known European ancestry in the region, where most inhabitants are darker skinned. The citadel is tucked away in one of the most far-flung areas of the Amazon. It sits at the edge of a chasm which the tribe may have used as a lookout to spy on enemies.

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Wii to the max

December 8th, 2008

Found this video a while ago. It’s about a guy who has invented a way to make the Wii a VR (virtual Reality) experience. He uses the Wii devices to track his movement, whit an amazing result! It makes the Wii a real 3D experience. The TV screen looks like it’s about to pop out of the TV. Let’s see if game developers pick this tech up and make something useful whit it.

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